C.A. Elliott Lumber Company is located in the Northern Pennsylvania village of Roulette, near the headwaters of the Allegheny River in Potter County. Our site is central to some of the world’s finest hardwood forests and allows our company to compete for the superior hardwoods growing in our region.


Since 1935, C.A. Elliot Lumber Co., Inc. has provided the hardwood industry with quality wood and dimension parts. Originally built to produce lumber, our facility is now designed to exclusively manufacture hardwood squares and dowels, allowing a staff of 20 to maintain quality control throughout the production process. Our vacuum kilns as well as conventional steam kilns give us nearly 250,000 board feet of drying capacity. With annual production well over 1 million board feet and growing, we are small enough to satisfy the needs of little shops, yet we can service the requirements of larger manufacturers as well.


Stock capabilities include 1 1/4” through 5 ¼” rough squares and 1 ¼” through 3 1/8”dowels – Moulded squares and Precision End Trimming are available – in lengths up to 96 inches. Hardwood species used are: White Ash, Hard and Soft Maple, Red Oak, Beech, and Black Cherry

Kurt Elliott, President
Ken Elliott, Vice President
Elliott Lumber Company Inc.
PO Box 272
200 Main Street
Roulette, PA 16746
Phone: (814) 544-7523
Fax: (814) 544-8004
Email: eliott-lumber@verizon.net