At Elliott Lumber Co., we have a number of values that we hold dear, and they make an impact on the way we do business, from the forest to the finished product.

Environmental Responsibility
We are committed to using “green” technologies to reduce waste, and promote responsible forestry.

We currently use our sawdust to fuel our boiler – providing heat for our kilns, mills, and warehouses. This not only helps us reduce our heating costs, but it allows us to reduce our waste output, and reduces our use of fossil fuels.


We also adhere to responsible forestry standards when it comes to the timber we select and use at Elliott Lumber.



Community Loyalty
We’ve been in business in Roulette, PA for 75 years. We are raising our families in this community, and our employees live and work here. Our timber suppliers are mostly local. We do what we can to “bloom where we’re planted” – and make a difference in our community, and beyond.